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More into Training

September 2, 2017 / 0 Comments / 179 / Uncategorized

We have been super busy in the shop the last few days. During that time, I’ve been thinking about more things to write about. I decided to keep on the same track of training. While doing some training last night with some buddies of mine. We were working some hand to hand combat drills one of them brought up a good point that I would like to hit on, training isn’t a one time thing. A person can’t learn something do it once and expect to be proficient at it. Top level shooters or fighters the drill the fundamentals all day everyday, because the basics are what build the skill.

How often do you work on training just draw for your holster? If you conceal and carry how often do you train with drawing from concealment? I don’t know about you but my draw from concealment is a little bit different than my draw from my open draw. I have to clear a shirt draw and press out. In the winter I have to draw from under multiple layers of clothing as well. Keep that in mind when you are working on your draw as well.

Training is not just a physical thing, you have to put in the time to do repetitions to open the neural pathways to make your muscles do that specific movement too. Black belts in martial arts didn’t get there over night it took them years. Your top level shooters didn’t get there by shooting one time. Being mentally and physically tough is key if your a gun fighter always, part time, or just an average person looking to protect yourself and your family.

There is a big difference between being a hard and soft target. Back to previous posts, when you walk through the store is your head up looking around watching people? While walking is your head down looking at your phone or grocery list never looking up. In that same aspect what are you going to do if someone walks up and says , “Sir give me your purse!” Are you gonna give him your purse or what? There is a lot of variables in this situation.

You can’t train for every situation, but you can have a plan that over laps a lot of situations. I also recommend getting your whole family involved with all aspects. Getting everyone on the same page is key. If they all know how your going to react and how you want them to react then you will all work better together.


Adding to my last post.

August 25, 2017 / 0 Comments / 190 / Uncategorized

So it’s later in the day at the shop and I have been running around all day. I remembered something I wanted to add earlier and forgot. A good friend of the shops and I came in today and reminded me. He’s not the only one that does it a lot of people come in and say the same thing. He started off asking a question with “I know this is dumb but…” or “Hey I know this is a Stupid question but….”. It goes back to elementary school days, there is no such thing as a stupid question, Especially when it comes to gun. The only stupid question is a question not asked. No one will ever fault you for trying to become smarter about anything even guns. Ask all the questions you can become as smart as you can about guns.

It honestly floors me to see the uneducated gun rights people, they can have their opinion all day their opinion doesn’t affect me one bit. Just seeing how uneducated about guns is what bothers me. Due to the fact that half of them have never handles a Firearm, Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The other thing people make outlandish statements that just show how little they know. “Gun haters” If you are scared of something face your fears come to the shop rent a gun and lets get you educated. Gun lovers come to the shop hang out and ask all the “dumb questions”  you can. You might learn something new or teach me something new I’m always game to learn something new. I ask The Boss Man questions all the time and always learn something new, Also if you want the skinny on the up grades to the Gen 5 Glock’s Boss Man just put the flyers in my hand.


August 25, 2017 / 0 Comments / 189 / Uncategorized

So yesterday I talked about guns. Today I wanna touch a little more on that and a little on training. There is a saying out there that some people don’t need to go out and buy a 3000.00 dollar gun to shoot better. They need to buy a 800 dollar gun and 2200.00 dollars on training. Well that has some fact to it. Just because the gun is expensive doesn’t mean it will make you shoot better. You have to put the work in to become a better shooter. I had an instructor that told me once “I can teach a monkey to shoot.”. So learning how to be a good shooter can’t be to difficult, at least one would think. Being the information age you can find training all of Youtube and the internet for free, is it always good training, that really depends on the source. Be careful where you find your training online. On that same note be careful where you go for training there are ways to check what instructors say. We offer lots of different training here, if you want to test us feel free to question any one of us we aren’t afraid to answer questions. There is a lot of knowledge in this building. I’m not saying we have all the answers, we don’t, but we know where to find them or know who to ask. Depending what kind of training you want we might offer it or know a good instructor. Before you go online looking or something come in and talk to us you might like it.


Have a good’en



August 24, 2017 / 0 Comments / 270 / Uncategorized

As I sit here this morning shop quiet I started thinking about questions I get asked a lot. One question that comes up a lot is “What pistol do you recommend”. Our response always surprises people, I don’t know why its surprising but always is. Our response is always “The gun fits you best”. When we say that we mean what gun fits your hand, purpose for purchasing it, and in general what matches your outfit. The gun that fits you best could be a Glock, Smith and Wesson, or A High Point. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend the High Point but hey it’s an option I guess.  If you are a new gun owner especially don’t just run out a buy a gun just because your neighbor down the road that has a beard and camo pants said “Hey this insert brand here is the only one in the world I’ll buy!”. Take the time try a few out go shot a few different ones and make your own opinions. If your a veteran gun buyer step out of your comfort zone don’t just think that one gun is the perfect gun just because that is the only thing you have ever shot. You might be surprised I know I was.

On that same line of question I get “well I know you guys build guns, but I can get one for 500.00 bucks”. To that my response is “yes, you also can build one for about 350 bucks”. There’s two little bits of food for thought on that. In my mildly educated opinion if you buy a 500.00 dollar gun you get just that. I’m not saying “Hey only buy Black Dawn rifles!”, I’d love if you did we make some pretty awesome guns. It goes back to what fits you, you being your budget, your body, and purpose. I’m actually just saying you get what you pay for. I’ve seen the people that go out and buy 300-500 dollar rifles, and a week later I’m putting this accessory or that sight on it. When it’s all said and done I have change 75 percent of the rifle and they have a 800-1200 dollar gun.


Just a little food for thought. Have a good day any questions you have feel free to ask them on our Facebook or on here. Thanks for taking a little time out to hang out with me this morning its a pleasure and have a good’en



Wednesday Thoughts, Up and Comings, and Stuff

August 23, 2017 / 1 Comments / 330 / Uncategorized

Hello From the Black Dawn Team,

So it’s Wacky Wednesday here at Black Dawn, That means half price machine gun rentals, 10$ lane rentals, and a lot of fun for us. We love seeing the faces of people for their first time shooting a full auto. Come in and Check out our selection of full autos. Coming up in September we are hosting a Ladies Handgun 1 course with State Fair Community College. It will be here at the shop 1511 N Ohio, Sedalia, Mo. from Sept. 16th, 9am to 4 pm.  OK, enough of the sales pitch. Being a local gun shop we get all sorts of questions, points of view, and just in general small talk. It’s a privilege to get to spend time with all of our customers and friends here. I am gonna start trying to write on here as much as I can. It could be anything from my insights and point of view to up and coming events, maybe even training styles. I will be adding links to our Facebook page to this as well. If there is any questions or discussions anyone wants to start feel free to ask, tag, come in, email us, or comment on here.

So, lets start with this, Everyone has seen the news recently. The news is full of people acting a fool, riots starting, shooting, North Korea acting up, and people getting hit by cars. One of these shootings was very close to home. I want to take a minute to open the eyes. Just a few weeks a go in Clinton, Mo. an Officer was Shot and killed. If you are in Sedalia that isn’t far at all. The Officer involved not only was a officer of Peace but also a US Military Vet. Someone that deployed to fight for the American people, regardless if you agree with the conflicts we are in or not the Military fights for you. The same goes for your local law enforcement regardless if you like “Cops” or not who do you call when something bad happens. Don’t get me wrong Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical professionals do things too, probably (I’m a Ten year Army Vet and LEO so I can say that kinda stuff). This Officer will be missed greatly by his family, fellow Officers, and Military brothers and sisters. We at Black Dawn extend our deepest condolences to the family of Officer Gary Michael.

The eye opening part of this that regular folks should see is Clinton is a small town. How many people out there think just because you live in a small town it won’t happen here? Guess what it happened really close. How many of you believe in the Conceal and carry? What would you do if that happened to you or a loved one? How often do you train with your family if that stuff happens at wal mart or the store? Anything is possible at this day in age, I personally sit at the shop and think to myself what would I do if this happened. If you train, how do you train, do you train to shoot one round at a time or do you practice follow up shots? Do you shoot and move or are you just standing still? Do you train with you pistol practically or do you just shot to see how far out you can hit a target? Training doesn’t have to be a day on the range it could be simple thinking of tactics or dry firing. To be honest a common misconception about shooting is you have to shoot a gun to get better at shooting a gun. Though not completely false, but you get better at shooting by drying drills. You can work out a lot of shooting issues this way.

Keep these words in mind when you are training and walking through the store and keep in mind and your hearts all the lives lost around the US and Deployed Military Professionals.

Thanks for reading,


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