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  • What isHydrodipping?
  • Hydrodipping has several generic names. Some of the names include Hydroghrapics, Water Transfer Printing, Immersion Printing,   Camo Dipping, and many more. You might ask what can hydrographics be applied too? The answer is nearly any 3D object that is made from plastic, wood, glass, and metal. A general rule of thumb is if it can be painted it can be dipped. Some of the most popular items to dip are guns, bows, Skulls, automotive trim & bezels, wheels, computer cases, ATV’s, golf carts, and many more!
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  • What is the process?
  • The process to apply hydrographics is pretty straight forward. It starts out with prepping the item, and then applying primer and basecoat. The customer’s choice of film is then cut to size and laid on the surface of the water in our water transfer printing tank and an activator is applied to the film. After a few seconds the film turns to liquid ink and floats on the surface of the water and allows us to dip the item slowly into the ink which wraps 360 degrees around an object. Then the item is dried, and an automotive grade clear-coat will go over the new finish to maximize durability.

Some Examples:

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